30 Jan 2016

Collected Treasures...

It always amazes me just how many fishing beads we pick up at the beach - all different colours and sizes. Well, I say fishing beads, some of the little ones don't actually have holes, so I wonder what they could be. Air gun pellets maybe?

We've discovered a new (to us) beach with lots of sea glass to collect. There was a fair bit of pottery too, something we don't normally find at the beaches near to us. I especially love the blue and white pieces, they remind me of plates my Nan had hanging on her walls.

My friend Karen @thislittlecorner and I have started a new collaboration on Instagram with the hashtag #collectedtreasure. We would love to see your take on collecting treasures, in which ever way and where you choose to photograph them. Karen and I will be sharing some of our favourites at the end of each month. There are some beautiful images there already, it will be hard to choose! x


  1. Always amazed what you find Caroline and how beautifukl you make evrything look.

  2. Lovely images. That sea pottery! Gorgeous.
    I'm looking forward to a trip to Durham at half term - hoping I can sneak in a quick trip to Seaham beach if it's not too cold or wet! X