Collected Treasures

1 Jun 2015

Hello and Happy June!

These are our collected treasures from the last few weeks (except for some of the plastic) There aren't quite as many finds as usual this month. Elizabeth has developed a complete aversion of going to the beach at the moment, so there wasn't as much time spent there over half term as I might have liked. She'll reluctantly go with a bit of bribery of an cream or a nearby park, but really she just wanted a few home days. Some time to just be, to just play and chill in the garden or listen to her music.

I love these pretty speckled eggshell pieces Elizabeth is holding. I'd love to know what they are if anyone knows?! The paint splattered leaves were collected from a nearby shed which had just been painted. They look like little holes munched through against the white.

I dip dyed the white feathers using some fabric dye I was using for another project, I'll have to think of something I can do with them!

You can see my previous collections here, and more of  my collected treasures on my Instagram under #collected_treasures.

Wishing you all a happy week. xx


  1. You are incredible!!!!! Love all of your pictures Caroline!!!!! Kisses! Lau

  2. I love the rainbow of lighters! Why are rainbow-y things so incredibly pleasing to the eye I wonder? And that swirling wave backdrop to the fish dishes is gorgeous. xx

  3. I did wonder if you had dipped the feathers, couldn't work out what bird that would be! lovely images. as always x

  4. Absolutely stunning Caroline! I have to ask though - what do you do with everything you find? Do you save all your treasures or get rid of them after the photographing? I hope you don't think I'm nosy for asking. It's just that I am such a pack rat :-) x

  5. Ahhhhh this is just music to my.. eyes? So beautiful. As someone above me has asked, I'd also love to know if you keep all of these bits and bobs afterwards? You must have some serious storage if you do!

    Sophie |

    1. Soo sorry for the late reply. And no I don't mind you asking at all. I keep most of the bits in jars, like the pebbles and the plastic finds. Organised by colour obviously! My sea glass is all in jars in our bathroom and I have a pot full of feathers in the lounge. I do get rid of some of it though, like the leaves and seedpods. And lots of the beach rubbish too - once I have a picture it can go! xx

    2. Gosh, you sound very organised! Thanks for letting me know. I like organising things by colour too :-) I bet the sea glass in the bathroom looks amazing! x