8 Aug 2014

▲ On the Isle of Wight
▲ Searching for treasures
▲ The view from an open top bus        
▲ Painting... legs
▲ In a rowing boat
▲ An evening beach walk

We seem to have been pretty busy so far this Summer holiday, and yet I don't have a great deal of pictures to show for it. The Isle of Wight photos were actually from Archie's Birthday, I just hadn't got around to sharing them. After visiting Dinosaur Isle, they had a wonderful time looking for treasures on the nearby beach. They were so excited to find the dinosaur fossils and gems I'd previously bought to bring along. Actually getting them to 'find' them, without anyone seeing me drop them, or me just loosing them, proved a bit tricky though!

One thing I love doing in the holidays, is being able to go down to the beach in the evenings. Forgetting about the normal school routine and early nights, to wander along the seafront and watch the sunset. I love how peaceful and cool the beach is at that time of day!

Things will probably be a little quieter around here whilst the kids are home, though I'll be popping in occasionally. We've been doing quite a bit of making and crafting, so I'll be sharing some of our creations soon!

Happy Friday lovelies, have a great weekend! x


  1. Messy buns and open roads - I do love these lazy days of Summer.

    Nina x

  2. How lovely to have eveing strolls on the beach :) Have a lovely summer together,xxx

  3. Sounds like you are having a pretty perfect summer. Enjoy the last few weeks, CJ xx

  4. Oh that little topknot is so gorgeous! Enjoy the summer ... Bee xs

  5. Lovely photos. It sounds like you're really enjoying the summer.

  6. I've only been to the Isle of Wight once - that I remember! - and it was wonderful. Glad that you are enjoying yourselves. xx

  7. The weather in the UK seems to be so good this year! Great to see you are enjoying your summer. x

  8. gorgeous photos, you were probably having too much fun to take more (always a good sign)! x