Goodbye July... Hello August

1 Aug 2014

A few of my Instagrams from lately, that didn't make it in the color//colour posts! What a wonderful month you were July! A month full of sunshine and blue skies, beach wanderings and paddling in the sea, day trips and garden picnics.

I'm so looking forward to this next month too, a whole five weeks left of Summer to spend with the kids. We have a few adventures planned and lots of crafty projects too. I'm hoping to share a few on the blog soon!

Happy August and Happy Friday... wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xx


  1. I love the photo with the box camera - gorgeous! Happy August! x

  2. I do like the way you capture colour, and the portraits of your children are beautiful. If I had photos like that my walls would be covered in them :)
    Have a great August.
    Sarah x

  3. Happy August to you! Those feathers are beautiful, did you find them all yourself?

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Yes, Elizabeth found the spotty one a while ago but the rest were found lately. xx

  4. Hi Caroline - it looks like you're having a wonderful Summer so far. I love your colour pictures - you remind me of the beautiful.

    Nina x

  5. Summer sounds wonderful with you Caroline ... enjoy August lovely ... Bee xx

  6. Here's hoping your summer still looks as gloriously summery as this post. It's been raining here.

  7. Happy August! Great to hear you're all enjoying a good summer. x

  8. That photo of Elizabeth with the camera is so beautiful!
    Looks like a happy summer. Happy August to you too!

  9. love the feathers! your photos always make me smile, caroline :)