Collected treasures

27 Feb 2015

Some of the treasures we've collected over the last few weeks... chalk pebbles, heart stones, random plastic things, brick stones, leaf skeletons, leaves, driftwood, smooth pebbles (might have to paint these) sea glass and feathers.

The two pictures of the plastic bits and bobs, were found on the same beach, from the same days. (these were just the more interesting bits from all I picked up) A couple of the Lego pieces, like the little blue flipper, were from a container ship that fell into the sea in 1997. A huge wave hit the cargo ship The Tokio Express and nearly 5 million bits of Lego, ironically all sea themed, ended up in the sea and are still washing up today. You can see their Facebook page here - Its amazing how far some of it has travelled! It seems strange to find so many similar things like the leaves and monopoly houses, I wonder if they are from container spillage too?

Have you found any interesting treasures lately? xx


25 Feb 2015

I'm just popping in to say I'm going to be offline for a day or two, while my blog has a bit of a makeover. Back soon! xx


13 Feb 2015

A birthday for Elizabeth - 7 already!! //  Chosen outfits for the party //  Grey skies // A new little cloud dish for little treasures // A walk along Brighton seafront // Big sculpture, tiny skateboard // Eating valentines heart biscuits.

Wishing you all a happy weekend. xx

DIY dip dyed feather wall hanging

8 Feb 2015

DIY dip dyed feather wall hanging

I've been wanting to have a go at dip dyed feathers for a while, and this week I finally tried some out with a bright pink dye I'd bought. I wasn't quite sure what to do with them at first. They looked pretty stood in a little pot, but I wanted to use them in something a bit more decorative and thought I'd try a wall hanging. I love how it looks with just the coloured ends, and the various shades of pink where some feathers have picked up the dye better than others.

DIY dip dyed feather wall hanging

You will need:

White feathers (I used a mix of found and bought ones)
Fabric dye
Bowl for mixing the dye
A stick or piece of wooden dowling

DIY dip dyed feather wall hanging
DIY dip dyed feather wall hanging

First dip dye the feathers. Using a small-ish bowl, mix up a some of the fabric dye with some warm water. Dip the end of the feathers into the dye and hold for a few seconds. Lay the feathers to dry on some old newspaper or kitchen towel, to protect the surface underneath.

DIY dip dyed feather wall hanging

Once the feathers have dried, attach a small length of string by wrapping it around the ends of the feathers. I tied a feather to each end of the string, and then wrapped it around the wooden dowling.

DIY dip dyed feather wall hanging

To finish, tie another piece of string to each end of the dowling for hanging. x

Yellow - Color Colour Lovers

1 Feb 2015

Some yellow from my week.

I'm joining in again with Xanthe Berkely and Andrea of Hula Seventy, and their wonderful  #colorcolourlovers project. Six weeks of seeking and capturing colour.

Next up is pink! x


31 Jan 2015

So it's February tomorrow... and its the weekend - yay! It's been a long one this week and I'm so ready for it. We've all been getting over colds here and the kids are pretty worn out and grouchy.

To be honest, as much as I'm glad January is over, it actually went pretty quick and wasn't a bad month. I've been inspired to keep up with my New Year goals, keeping creative, going to new exercise classes (I decided advanced spinning probably wasn't for me!) and enjoying some quiet and slow time too. We've also had some wonderful sunshine filled days, which have felt quite Spring like. We've still not had a speck of snow here, much to the kids disappointment. They are so desperate for a snow day, especially as we missed out on any here last year.

We've spent many of our weekend days at the beach, searching for treasures, and the kids have been enjoying their new scooters at the local skate park. I also spent a lovely day in Brighton meeting up with some Instagram friends for the first time. It was so nice to actually see people in person and have a good natter over coffee.

This weekend we will be: going for a walk somewhere - hopefully in the sunshine, having lazy pyjama mornings, catching up on my project life and getting organised for Elizabeth's little birthday party next week.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xx

Styling the Seasons - January

29 Jan 2015

This circle shelf was a bargain I found in Homesense, in the sale section. It was a bit battered, had a distressed finish and a world map painted on hessian as the background. I took it home in the hope I could sand it all back and give it a new lease of life. And after a fair amount of sanding and a few coats of paint, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I've been doing lots of de-cluttering and reorganising this month, but I've still purchased just a couple of new little bits. Like the letter C initial which I just couldn't resist, and the tiny bowls which are perfect for tiny treasures. Its nice to have another surface to put a few of our most recent finds on, like the heart stone and driftwood, reminding me of special days out with the kids.

I love bringing in plants and flowers at this time of year. I have little pots with bulbs dotted around the place and vases of cheery daffodils to brighten the place up. I've noticed the daffodils in the garden are nearly flowering and the snow drops have appeared this week. Spring is definitely on its way! x

Styling the Seasons is a collaborative project with Katy (Apartment Apothecary) and Charlotte (Lotts &Lotts) Join in and share your story by styling a surface in your home to reflect what each month means to you, then upload your post or picture on social media using #stylingtheseasons.  

Collected treasures

23 Jan 2015

Our finds from the last few weeks... driftwood, pebbles, chalk stones, random plastic pieces (mixed with a few older finds) eucalyptus leaves, shells, feathers, a stone wheel, clay dolls arm and tiny cog (my favourites, from Elizabeth) seed pods and beach rope.

I've decided to do my collected treasures posts a little differently this year. I'll still be sharing our finds each month, but instead of putting them all together in one picture, I will be photographing them as we find them. This way I can fit in all the bits and bobs we find, plus its kinda fun to collect and put things in groups!

As always, please feel free to join in and show some of the treasures you've picked up when out and about. They don't have to be neat or in order, I think its just nice to get a record of them, to remember certain adventures or special gifts from the kids that would otherwise be forgotten. You can find more collections on my Pinterest board here! And my previous collections here!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! x


11 Jan 2015

Windy weather and big waves // pretty boat stripes // I see faces // throwing stones in the sea // finding patterns at the park //  a perfect space to drive his monster truck // another park, another beach walk // fishing crate colour love // bare branches and blue sky.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! x