Sent Treasures...

25 Nov 2015

A little while ago, my lovely friend Sara asked if I would like to take part in a nature exchange. She was keen to show her daughter some treasures from different regions in the world, as part of her ''nature around the world'' series for her preschool homeschooling project. 

In exchange for the ocean plastics and beach finds we sent to them in Pennsylvania, USA, we received a parcel of beautiful shells and finds from their garden. I love the sand dollar (have always wanted one of those) and look at the size of those clam shells! They also sent a little bag containing some amazingly soft, white sand.

It was wonderful for the kids to experience actually seeing and touching these different treasures, and they so enjoyed the process of choosing and putting the parcel together too. Thank you, Sara, we love it!

Anyone else fancy a little exchange of treasures? I do love an excuse to send snail mail! x

Collected Treasures...

31 Oct 2015

Our collected treasures this month... more plastic beach finds, Autumn leaves, pressed Hydrangea flowers, a faded Aztec feather found by Elizabeth at the beach, Helicopter seeds, a lacy leaf skeleton, tiny pink flowers, feathers and beach finds, a faded rose and pastel pumpkins ~ not found but had to be included!

Happy Halloween! Wishing you all a wonderful November. xx


27 Oct 2015

Morning sky // Evening beach walk //  Walk in the woods // Choosing pumpkins // Webs in the garden // After school beach jumping. x

Creative Nature...

18 Oct 2015

Roses from the garden //  Painted pebbles // Painted driftwood sticks // Embroidered leaves // Playing with petals // Dipped leaves // Paint splattered // Pink berries // Rose petals. 

Collected Treasures...

30 Sep 2015

Some of our collected treasures from the last couple of weeks or so. I love seeing all the various colours in Hydrangea blooms at this time of year... so many shades from just one plant! The bottom picture shows the same flowers as in the first, pressed and slightly faded now, but still so pretty. 

Our finds will be mostly Autumn treasures now... conkers, acorns, seed pods, berries and crunchy leaves. I've been searching for ideas on Pinterest for things to do with the conkers and acorns we've collected. I love the idea of sticking felt balls inside the acorn tops to make Autumn decorations. And Elizabeth had the idea of making a conker garland, so we might well try that too! 

What treasures have you collected lately, do you have any ideas of things to make with them? x