11 Apr 2015

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely Easter. Our was good, a mixture of adventures out and about and just spending time chilling at home. I've been trying to take my big camera along with me more over the holidays. I've got in to the habit of just relying on my phone, and whilst that's nice and easy it doesn't make for good blogging. I'd missed it too, I'll have to try a little harder to use it more.

I even took my old Kodak Duaflex along with me a couple of times. It still has a half used film inside. I often wonder what or who those pictures might be of, tucked away inside so many years later. I must look into getting it developed one day.

We went to Portchester Castle last week, the boy loved exploring there, bounding up all the steps leading to different rooms. Elizabeth hated it, getting increasingly scared the further up the castle we went. She just about made it to the top, holding on ever so tightly to my hand. I'm not sure if it was the dark rooms, the steep stairs or the old prison space that did it - either way she doesn't ever want to go back!

She did however love it at the forest of Bere, which we went to in the afternoon. They spent hours playing in the adventure playground filled with giant wigwams and play huts. We'll definitely be going back there another day.

I had a little play around making this giff of the dancing shadows in my bedroom. It's not great and I guess I should have used a tripod, but hey, its my first one! And finally, the kids hunting out chocolate eggs in the garden. Every year it gets a little harder to go and hide them all. They were on watch this year from the moment they got up, convinced they could see little paw prints on the window. I love how they look out for eggs for ages afterwards too, hoping one or two might have been missed on the day.

How was your Easter, did the bunny come? x

Collected Treasures

2 Apr 2015

A little late this month (where did March go?!) but here are our collected treasures from the last few weeks... Fern leaves, green beach finds, wavy seed pods, snow drops, beach finds, driftwood, Archie's moon rocks, tiny leaf skeletons, black pebbles which I dipped in paint, seed pods, more pebbles and leaves from the garden.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xx


24 Mar 2015

Working on a little DIY in my favourite colours // Making up sweetie bags for a local Instagram meetup // Catching up with some lovely people on the Instagram meet - capturing colourful doors and street art // Planting up little succulents - the little linking pots are my own condiment set design, turns out they work pretty well as plant pots too! // At the beach - jumping and feeding seagulls // Making cookies - the freehand, modelled ones are always my faves.  

It's Friday, I'm in love...

13 Mar 2015

Hello! I'm just popping in to say I have been featured on Painting Grace blog today. Georgie writes a series called 'It's Friday, I'm in love,' where she shares about other artists and creatives that inspire her... and this week I'm very excited to be a part of her gorgeous blog. Please do pop over and have a look here. xx

Springtime Surprise Project...

11 Mar 2015

A few weeks ago I signed up for Lucy's Springtime Surprise Project. I instantly loved the idea of joining in with this happy project . The aim was to bring a little Spring cheer to someone's day, by swapping a parcel of small gifts with a postal partner, chosen by Lucy. To celebrate the amazing connections we make with others on the Internet.

I was matched with my lovely swap partner, Laura, who blogs at We Made This Home, and also has the most beautiful Instagram feed. I so enjoyed putting my parcel together, seeking out bits and bobs I thought she might like. I completely forgot to take any pictures before I sent my parcel on it's way, though Laura has taken some beautiful photo's, which she has shared on her blog - do pop over and have a look.

I received the most wonderful package from Laura, containing lots of gorgeous goodies with some really sweet hand made touches. The pretty hand made envelopes contained seeds and treasures, like vintage buttons. I especially love the crochet garland she made, the colours are gorgeous, and the Fimo feather too. And how sweet is the little bird. It's all so very me!

Thank you soo much Laura, you certainly filled my day with Spring cheer. And thank you Lucy for organising such a great project.

Lucy will be organising a Summertime Surprise Project too - if you'd like to take part next time you can see more here! xx

scraps of us makeover

3 Mar 2015

Hello and Happy March! I do love March, its one of my favourite months I think. Though it's not officially Spring yet, there's always that feeling of making it through the Winter. The mornings are getting noticeably lighter this week, and the evenings longer. I must say though, we've not had the best start to this month. The kids have both had a horrible sickness bug - at the same time! Not fun. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't get it myself.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my new blog makeover, I'm really pleased with it. The new look was designed by the very lovely and very talented Claire of All the Adorables. Claire had also designed my previous header and my Etsy shop, which I loved, but was ready for something new and a bit different.

Claire and I started the process by collaborating on a Pinterest mood board, a place were I could gather Inspiration for the new design - colours, fonts or anything that would give Claire a better idea of the look and feel I wanted. I loved the idea of using a watercolour effect and some paint splatters in the design, as well as my favourite colours - turquoise, mint green and pale pink with grey and black. I also wanted a hand drawn/painted title to tie in with the watercolour elements.

Follow Caroline South's board Blog design on Pinterest.

Claire found this great hand written font, which I love, and created a brand board incorporating the watercolour graphics and colours we had decided on. This was a great way of seeing them all together before starting on the actual blog design.

We opted to keep the colour scheme pretty simple, using mainly the mint green. Though we did manage to pop in a little pink, with some paint splashes at the foot of each post. I especially love the textured watercolour backgrounds Claire made for the side bar, they keep it all nice and cohesive with the width too!

You can find more of Claire's design work here and her gorgeous blog here!

Collected treasures

27 Feb 2015

collected treasures - chalk stone pebbles
collected treasures - heart stones
collected treasures - plastic beach finds
collected treasures - brick stones
collected treasures - leaf skeletons
collected treasures - green finds
collected treasures - plastic beach finds
collected treasures - weekend finds

Some of the treasures we've collected over the last few weeks... chalk pebbles, heart stones, random plastic things, brick stones, leaf skeletons, leaves, driftwood, smooth pebbles (might have to paint these) sea glass and feathers.

The two pictures of the plastic bits and bobs, were found on the same beach, from the same days. (these were just the more interesting bits from all I picked up) A couple of the Lego pieces, like the little blue flipper, were from a container ship that fell into the sea in 1997. A huge wave hit the cargo ship The Tokio Express and nearly 5 million bits of Lego, ironically all sea themed, ended up in the sea and are still washing up today. You can see their Facebook page here - Its amazing how far some of it has travelled! It seems strange to find so many similar things like the leaves and monopoly houses, I wonder if they are from container spillage too?

Have you found any interesting treasures lately? xx


25 Feb 2015

I'm just popping in to say I'm going to be offline for a day or two, while my blog has a bit of a makeover. Back soon! xx


13 Feb 2015

A birthday for Elizabeth - 7 already!! //  Chosen outfits for the party //  Grey skies // A new little cloud dish for little treasures // A walk along Brighton seafront // Big sculpture, tiny skateboard // Eating valentines heart biscuits.

Wishing you all a happy weekend. xx