Isle of Wight

31 Aug 2015

A couple of weeks ago now, we spent a few days away on the Isle of Wight. As somewhere I grew up, moving to the 'mainland' about 10 years ago, it always feels good to go back and visit. It's not really somewhere I appreciated at the time, finding the ferries to get to concerts or shopping trips a complete hassle. But taking the kids back now, I realise just how beautiful it is, and what a wonderful place it must be to bring up young children.

A visit to Blackgang Chine had been much looked forward to. There had been lots of talk about it in the upcoming weeks before our break. Archie was excited about revisiting cowboy land and choosing a cowboy gun with his pocket money. Elizabeth enjoyed panning for gold, carefully picking out the little tiny nuggets to exchange for a shiny gold coin.

The kids love playing on the sandy beaches there, building sandcastles and collecting treasures, as I did when I was little. And there where lots of treasures to be found. We picked up pocketfuls of coloured sea glass and smooth pottery pieces, along with a few fossils and hag stones. I do love searching for treasures in new places, there's always something interesting to be discovered.

Etsy Shop Sale...

30 Aug 2015

Hello! I'm just popping in to say I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop. Everything is now half price, making the wall decal packs just £1.75 each and the postcard packs £1.50 each. The taggies baby blankets are half price too!

Sorry for the blog absence over the Summer holidays. I always intend to keep it up, to share our Summer adventures, but the reality is actually a bit harder.

We have one more week left before School starts again here, I'm hoping to get back into everything when they're back. I think we're all ready for a bit of routine again now, the kids are looking forward to seeing their friends, and I'm looking forward to spending some more time in the shop and adding to our Etsy store. It certainly feels Autumnal now doesn't it? I even put the heating on for the first time yesterday!

Smoke Bombs and Bumble Bees...

11 Aug 2015

Working on some little DIY's in shades of green // More stamps to go with the pretty ones sent to me from Janice in my Summertime Surprise Project // Drawing on pebbles... and paper // Playing around with coloured smoke bombs // Dissected Cornflower // Faffing with flowers // At the beach // Decorating some plates for my wall with stickers and Lazertran decals (you can find a previous DIY here!) // New wooden buttons in the shop // All the pinks!

Hello! Hope your all having a good week. I cant believe we're nearly half way through the holidays already. The time seems to be flying by - we've not yet managed to tick anything off our list of Summer plans.

I'm hoping that the Sunshine will return again soon... its all feeling a little too Autumny right now, and I'm not ready for it just yet! xx

Summertime Surprise Project

29 Jul 2015

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Summertime Surprise Project organised by Lucy. It's a really lovely project which aims to bring a little cheer to someones day, by swapping a small parcel of gifts with a postal partner, selected by Lucy. You might remember I joined in with the Springtime Surprise Project back in March.

I was matched with my lovely swap partner Janice, who has the most beautiful and colourful Instagram feed. I do love this project and had lots of fun choosing bits and bobs I thought Janice might like. Last week we both exchanged our parcel of goodies in the post and I was so excited to receive mine. All so carefully chosen in my favourite colours of mint and green. I just love the card of vintage buttons and the pretty stamps too. I'm inspired to collect some more now! And I cant wait to have a play around with these lovely Annie Sloan chalk paints.

Thank you so much for my wonderful parcel Janice, and a big thank you to Lucy for organising this wonderful project. x

Bits and Bobs...

21 Jul 2015

Pretty Peonies // Bag of flowers // A new cloud dish from here. // Five candles // Elizabeth's mouse - love the cheese! // A rainbow of flowers // Pictures for the shop - Fat quarters, scissors and thimbles // Roses and Poppy seed pods from the garden.

Hello! Sorry for the blog absence - again! Things have been a little busy around here with the opening of the fabric shop. That and the usual end of year chaos with final shows and what not. The school holidays start soon (one day left here) Though I'm not sure if that will make things easier... or busier. We'll see.  

I'm looking forward to spending some more time with the kids There'll be lots of playing at home in the garden and picnics at the beach. Elizabeth wants to learn how to sew, to make biscuits and to create giant paintings in the garden. I've stocked up on lots of crafting goodies and have a few makes planned - hopefully I'll get to share some of those here.

The boy had his fifth birthday last week. I cant believe how quickly this last year has gone. Do the years get quicker the older they get I wonder?! It certainly seems that way since they've started school. We celebrated the day with a little picnic in the garden with family, but this weekend we will have a 'proper' party with a few of his school friends. An Avengers themed get together with a bouncy castle and face painting. He's muchly excited!

Have a wonderful Summer! xx


2 Jul 2015

- A late afternoon beach walk with chips for tea.

- Pretty evening sky. My neighbours must think I'm crazy standing on a chair with my camera,  peering over their fence at the sky.

- Roses in the garden. A big garden clear out in the Autumn and not so much re-planting means there's actually very little colour at the moment. I must try harder next year!

- At the skate park. The boy is obsessed with anything scooter or skateboard. Next is a BMX for his upcoming birthday.

- A lonely but beautiful self seeded poppy.

- Face painting at the summer fair. I always seem to come home with armfuls of stuff from these things - cakes, huge teddies and the most random toys won at the raffle.

- Making the prettiest perfume in the garden. They loved making this, carefully deciding which colour petals should get placed in the potion next. It's now 'brewing' ready to be bottled up and given as gifts.  

- At the park, collecting grass seeds with a sneaky foraged rose for her hair.