Friday, 15 August 2014

Sun prints... and a giveaway

I haven't tried making sun prints since I was at primary school. I can still remember being amazed by the magic of removing the objects from the paper, revealing the silhouettes left behind.

I bought a pack to do with the kids over the holidays and they really enjoyed it. Especially searching around the house for suitable objects to use. We found the flat items like the dried flowers worked best, as we could place some clear acetate over them, giving a really crisp edge.

To make:

You will need - sun print paper, acetate or a sheet of plastic or glass, a bowl of water and some interesting objects to print

▲ First gather together all your chosen items, some acetate or a piece of glass to keep down flat or light objects and a bowl of water.

▲ Next arrange your items on to the sun print paper. You will need to either do this quickly, or somewhere the sun's light cannot reach the paper, which is what I did. Apply the plastic sheet or acetate over the objects.

▲ Once all the items are in place, you will need to place the paper in direct sun light for a few minutes (or following manufacturers instructions) until the paper is exposed.

▲ Finally remove all the objects from the paper and submerge into cool water for a couple of minutes. The blue will turn to white, and the white to blue. Lay the paper flat to dry.

I just love how they turned out, I think they'd look great put in some frames. It was such a simple and no-mess project. I'd love to do this again in the Autumn too, with a collection of different shaped leaves or seed pods.

I also have another pack of sun print paper to giveaway...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end on the 25th August and I am happy to post worldwide.

Have a wonderful weekend! x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Acrylic flower tray...

As you probably know, I do love using flowers and other natural finds to make pictures. I love arranging them into neat patterns or pretty designs before photographing them. I'd had an idea of making a tray decorated with a floral design for a while now. I'd thought about the possibility of using resin to create a protective layer over pressed flowers, but when I saw these acrylic trays from Tiny Prints I knew it would work perfectly for what I had in mind.      

Using a photograph printed on to the tray in this way, meant I was able to create a design with a little more depth and was able to mess about with the layout and editing of the picture until I was happy with the end result!

I'm loving hydrangea flowers lately and their variations of colour, so I used mostly those and a few other bits picked from the garden too!

I cut a piece of black card twice the size of the finished tray to use as my base. I then started chopping and arranging the flowers to make a fairly busy design, but with plenty of white space also. I placed the cornflowers and a couple of other flowers upside down so I could get them to sit straight.

This was the finished photograph once I'd faffed around with the positioning of the flowers.

And this is the final tray! I love how it turned out and how vivid all the colours are against the black. I think it would make a great place to keep jewellery and trinkets or for make-up!

This is a collaborative post

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Some of the treasures we have collected lately... feathers, seed pods, conkers, leaves, beach pottery, stones with holes, a piece of jigsaw and an army figure!

Each month I'm photographing the bits and pieces we pick up when we're out and about. A way of documenting all those special finds from our adventures, or just from the garden!

Please do join in if you'd like to share your found collections too, I'd love to see them.

You can see my previous collections here and more Inspiration on my collections Pinterest board! x

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Friday, 8 August 2014


▲ On the Isle of Wight
▲ Searching for treasures
▲ The view from an open top bus        
▲ Painting... legs
▲ In a rowing boat
▲ An evening beach walk

We seem to have been pretty busy so far this Summer holiday, and yet I don't have a great deal of pictures to show for it. The Isle of Wight photos were actually from Archie's Birthday, I just hadn't got around to sharing them. After visiting Dinosaur Isle, they had a wonderful time looking for treasures on the nearby beach. They were so excited to find the dinosaur fossils and gems I'd previously bought to bring along. Actually getting them to 'find' them, without anyone seeing me drop them, or me just loosing them, proved a bit tricky though!

One thing I love doing in the holidays, is being able to go down to the beach in the evenings. Forgetting about the normal school routine and early nights, to wander along the seafront and watch the sunset. I love how peaceful and cool the beach is at that time of day!

Things will probably be a little quieter around here whilst the kids are home, though I'll be popping in occasionally. We've been doing quite a bit of making and crafting, so I'll be sharing some of our creations soon!

Happy Friday lovelies, have a great weekend! x

Friday, 1 August 2014

Goodbye July... Hello August

A few of my Instagrams from lately, that didn't make it in the color//colour posts! What a wonderful month you were July! A month full of sunshine and blue skies, beach wanderings and paddling in the sea, day trips and garden picnics.

I'm so looking forward to this next month too, a whole five weeks left of Summer to spend with the kids. We have a few adventures planned and lots of crafty projects too. I'm hoping to share a few on the blog soon!

Happy August and Happy Friday... wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

color // colour lovers

Some blue from my week. This is my last post for color//colour lovers! I have so loved joining in with this - finding colour to capture in the everyday. Thank you Xanthe and Andrea for creating such a fun summer project. x

Monday, 21 July 2014

color // colour lovers

A little orange from my week - joining in with Xanthe and Andrea and their color//colour lovers project.

This is the final week and final colour and its... blue! Yay, saving my favourite to last. Hopefully I'll do a little better than the last couple of weeks! x

Friday, 18 July 2014


This week Archie turned 4! I know it's a cliche, but he really does seem to be growing up so fast! He has become such a big boy lately.

After opening presents he spent the morning at nursery. I would have quite happily kept him home, but he didn't want to miss seeing his little friends. Once I'd picked him up, we headed straight to the beach for ice cream - a very melty ice cream!

It was a really lovely afternoon spent together, though I couldn't help feel a little sad too. Partly because he's growing up, but also knowing that it would be one of our last afternoons together before he starts big school. I'm so looking forward to the Summer holidays (3 days left for us!) and to having a little more time next year, but I'll really miss that time alone with my boy too.

This weekend we're going back to the Isle of Wight for a day. Archie wants to visit Dinosaur Isle, and then we're going fossil hunting. I may have purchased a few little fossils and gems for them to 'find' - I figured it wasn't very likely we'd actually find any!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xx