Thursday, 11 September 2014


Some of the found treasures we've collected lately... a red leaf, feathers, heart shaped stone, sea glass, beach pottery, wooden nail or stopper? seed pods and dried flower heads.

I think from now on I will share my 'collections' post's at the end of the month, I figure that makes more sense to photograph all the bits and pieces we've gathered over the whole month! Please feel free to join in and show some of your collected treasures too, you can find a grab it button over in my sidebar if you'd like one! xx

Monday, 8 September 2014


A week mostly spent at the beach... squeezing out the very last of the summer! x

Monday, 1 September 2014


▲ River walk
▲ Another lost tooth
▲ Finding sand at the beach
▲ Circus wonderland

So, its September already! Just two days left before Elizabeth goes back to school - she's been counting!

We spent the weekend both trying to squeeze in some last minute holiday fun, and getting ready for school. I still need to do labels, help finish holiday projects... and pop back to the uniform shop.

Archie has another week and a home visit before he starts - and then its half days for the first week.

I feel kind of ready for them to go back and sad at the same time. I'm ready for my house to remain tidy for longer than five minutes, not so ready for the school run, rushed mornings or the cooler weather.

I actually feel a bit apprehensive at this time of year. I'm not sure if its just the end of Summer and the kids leaving me for school, or perhaps those feelings of dread I experienced myself at the end of the holidays coming back. Luckily Elizabeth really enjoys school and has had such a positive experience so far. Hopefully it will remain that way!

Wishing you all a wonderful week and a great September! x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Colour Collaborative: August: Collections

This month I am very excited to be a guest blogger for the Colour Collaborative. Especially as the theme is 'collections'!

As long as I can remember I have loved collecting things. Especially bits picked up when out and about. Growing up on the Isle of Wight, we were lucky to be surrounded by wonderful countryside and sandy beaches. As a family, we would spend countless hours beach combing or walking our dog through the forest and woods.

I remember we all had our own little 'thing' we liked to collect at the seaside. My mum would pick up little yellow shells and my nan pieces of pale yellow and pink rounded quartz. My sister and I were always on the lookout for sea glass, especially rare cobalt blue pieces.

I have a memory of my Grandad holding out his closed hands for me to choose one of the treasures he'd found on the beach. I picked the hand with a pretty pink Cameo that must have fallen out of someone's jewellery. The other hand, and my sisters treasure, was a big piece of blue sea glass.

My love of collecting is something I have passed on to the kids and they can spend ages picking up treasures that catch their eye. Filling up their little bags or pockets with unusual stones, shells and driftwood, and often brightly coloured pieces of plastic too, their colours worn and softened by the sea, but still vivid enough to stand aloud from the abundance of pebbles.

My favourite thing to collect is sea glass. I could spend hours looking for those ocean tumbled shapes in hues of white, seafoam, green and brown and the occasional piece of blue - oh how I still get excited when I find a piece of blue! They're like little frosted jewels, standing out amongst the calm and muted greys and browns of the sand and stones.

In the Autumn our collections turn to treasures picked up at parks and the woods. We gather conkers, acorns and brightly coloured leaves in warm hues - our collections now a mixture of rich reds, golden yellows, and earthy browns.

By the feeling of the weather here this week, I don't think it will be long before we're picking up Autumnal finds. We've already found a few conkers and pretty seed pods. Oh Summer, how did you disappear so soon!


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What is The Colour Collaborative?

All creative bloggers make stuff, gather stuff, shape stuff, and share stuff. Mostly they work on their own, but what happens when a group of them work together? Is a creative collaboration greater than the sum of its parts? We think so and we hope you will too. We'll each be offering our own monthly take on a colour related theme, and hoping that in combination our ideas will encourage us, and perhaps you, to think about colour in new ways.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Pressed flowers... and a giveaway...

Elizabeth and I have really enjoyed pressing flowers this Summer, picking them from the garden, or when out and about. Elizabeth received a press for her birthday last year and she still hadn't got around to using it. So this Summer, we dug it out of her crafty drawer and made sure we filled it up with some pretty blooms.

We have enjoyed using this little wild flowers guide too, Identifying and learning the names of the flowers we find. The illustrations are so sweet and we like the spaces where you can either draw or stick in finds from different seasons. We'll definitely be adding more flowers over Autumn and winter too!

I have another Little Guide to Wild Flowers book to giveaway, and also this sweet little flower press with tin and flower scissors - perfect for taking out and about!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway ends on the 2nd September and I am happy to post worldwide. Good Luck! x


Congratulations Heather! If you could email me your address and I'll pop them in the post to you.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

London Zoo

Last week we went to London for the day, to visit London Zoo. It was the first time the kids and I had been and we had a wonderful time there. It was pretty busy, with long queues to get in, but I guess that's to be expected in the Summer holidays!

We were there for the best part of the day, yet we still didn't manage to quite fit in everything - there really is so much there to see! The kids would have loved to have stopped and played in the adventure area and playgrounds, and It would have been nice to have seen some of the animal talks - especially the penguin show! But being aware of the journey home again, and little legs getting tired, there just wasn't the time!

Elizabeth and I watched the tigers for ages, with one sleeping just the other side of the glass panels. She was fascinated by their enormous paws. The butterfly house was pretty amazing too, it was far too hot for the kids, though I could have spent ages in there taking photo's of them all!