Collected Treasures...

26 Mar 2016

This month, some plastic beach finds, organised by colour which always makes me happy! :)

Hope your having a super weekend! x


25 Mar 2016

Helloooo! Sorry for the massive absence around here. I never intended to take such a big break from this little space. I've recently started a new job which is keeping me busy, and with that and other family and life stuff, my blog was the first thing to go. But... I've missed it, and I'm hoping to get into a routine again now things have settled down. I have some DIY's and crafty tutorials planned, alongside my usual Collected Treasures and Creative Nature posts. I'll be having a little Etsy shop update soon too!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter! xx

Collected Treasures...

25 Feb 2016

Pink plastic beach finds // Not so much treasure, but the first Ink cartridges I've found from the Hewlett Packard cargo spillage // Rainbow of lighters // Plastic greenery // My first Lego Lost at Sea  piece of sea grass // Leaves and a handmade leaf pouch - fabric from here! // Little cloud dishes for little treasures // Linking pop beads from the beach - got to wonder where these all come from! x


31 Jan 2016

Beach, beach and er... more beach! We do go other places, promise. I just don't seem to take my camera along. And yes those are swimming goggles Elizabeth is wearing. She hates getting the sand in her eyes, so this is her solution. Because sunglasses just don't quite do the job!

Happy February, happy new week. Hope it's a lovely one!

Collected Treasures...

30 Jan 2016

It always amazes me just how many fishing beads we pick up at the beach - all different colours and sizes. Well, I say fishing beads, some of the little ones don't actually have holes, so I wonder what they could be. Air gun pellets maybe?

We've discovered a new (to us) beach with lots of sea glass to collect. There was a fair bit of pottery too, something we don't normally find at the beaches near to us. I especially love the blue and white pieces, they remind me of plates my Nan had hanging on her walls.

My friend Karen @thislittlecorner and I have started a new collaboration on Instagram with the hashtag #collectedtreasure. We would love to see your take on collecting treasures, in which ever way and where you choose to photograph them. Karen and I will be sharing some of our favourites at the end of each month. There are some beautiful images there already, it will be hard to choose! x

Creative Nature...

21 Jan 2016

Sewing around Magnolia leaves // Dots and spots // A heart of petals // Tiny frames, tiny treasures // Sewn and faded // Faffing with flowers // Dried and decorated. x