Cardboard loom weave...

15 May 2014

I've wanted to have a go at weaving for a while now and thought I'd try making my own cardboard loom. It was actually easier than I thought and turned out ok - a little wonky in places but not bad for a first attempt! I'll definitely be making some more in different sizes and I'd like to try using different kinds of thread too.

To make - you will need:

scissors or craft knife
A piece of strong cardboard for the loom
Ruler and pen
Wool or threads
Large plastic or metal needle

Step 1 - Making the loom

First cut a piece of sturdy cardboard a little bigger than the size you would like to make the weave. I had a shoe box lid so I went with the size and shape of that. You will then need to measure even spaces for the notches on each end of the cardboard. I marked 1cm gaps and left 2cm on either side. You can use wider gaps to make it easier if doing this with little ones! Use a craft knife or scissors to cut the notches.

Tape an end of the string onto the back of the cardboard and then wrap the string around the cardboard, fitting it into the little notches on either end as you go. Tape the other end of string down to secure it when you have finished.

Step 2 - Weaving

Now you can start threading a piece of wool onto the loom in an over and under pattern, back and forth across the loom. Leave plenty of length on the ends so that you can sew these in later.

Continue to weave different coloured wool or threads on to the loom, alternating the over-under pattern and making sure not to pull the yarn too tight. Again leave plenty of length on the ends each time you change colour.

Step 3- Remove the weave

Once you have finished the weave turn the cardboard over and cut through the string in the centre, so both ends of string are roughly the same length.

Step 4 - Tie the string ends

Gently remove the weave from the cardboard and tie the ends of string together in a knot. You can tie a few together like I have done or you could tie each one to the piece of string next to it.

Step 5 - sew in the loose ends of wool

Using a needle, gently sew the loose ends into the back of the weave so they cant be seen. Tie the ends of string together at the top for hanging, tucking the others into the back of the weave. That's it, finished! x


  1. gorgeous Caroline! I've been meaning to do this too, it looks very therapeutic and what a wonderful result at the end! x

  2. What a clever and beautiful thing to do Caroline xox Penny

  3. I love this. The colors are pretty and your weaving is nice and neat. I remember doing something like this with plastic drinking straws with string threaded through them. You would pull the straws out after you finished the weaving.

  4. I love this! Thanks for the tutorial, it looks like fun. Nice colours and styling too. X

  5. Cleverly (and neatly) done!

  6. This looks great and you've made it look so easy!!

  7. Wow Caroline that is brilliant! I seriously intend to have a go to, I have lots of wool as have so many times attempted to knit/crochet but can't do it so this could be the answer for me :) Your weave is beautiful :) Safxxx

  8. Ooh wonderful colours! I did this recently with my little one. It's so satisfying isn't it? Your little rug is ace.

  9. Those colours are SO pretty! And the end result looks great too. x

  10. Oh I've been wanting to try weaving for ages too ... yours is beautiful ... thanks for the tutorial Caroline ... Bee xx

  11. i've been meaning to try this for a while too! yours is super cute and i love the colours you used.