Merry & Bright

2 Dec 2012


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Its been ages since I have done a treasury, I wasn't sure I would even remember how to link it on here! Now we are into Dec I'm feeling quite excited. We don't normally put up the tree very early but I'm tempted to get it all out the loft today - I have even downloaded a Christmas album to listen to!

We don't really have a theme with our decorations - just anything bright and cheerful goes. When I was little our tree was always very bright, mismatched and a little messy. Lots of handmade decorations that had seen better days and silly bits and bobs which I'm sure weren't actually intended for Christmas trees (a bright pink panther and a plastic kennel with a dog come to mind!) Before the kids I had for a very neat and themed looking tree which looked lovely, but now we too have lots of handmade things and the kids always like to help decorate so we also have a very bright, colourful and somewhat messy tree - which I love!


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  1. I love a bright, happy mismatched kind of look! Especially once the kids come along and help you decorate. Lovely colourful treasury. x

  2. we love our messy, mismatched tree too - it houses our memories!
    gorgeous treasury - love all that colour

  3. What a lovely colourful treasury...Im loving the bright colours for xmas this year! x

  4. Gorgeous colourful treasury ... I had a bit of fun today doing my first one ... hope I remember for again ... Bee xx

  5. Messy, colourful trees are always more fun than the uber cool and perfect looking ones... in my opinion. We're doing ours next weekend, but it looks like we're the last to put ours up in our street. :)

  6. I love a bright colourful Christmas tree :) Have a fun time decorating your tree..I am doing mine next weekend, I can't wait.
    Magie x

  7. Our tree will also bright and mismatched. Besides, even if I did do something 'styled' it'll last about 2 minutes before The Boy rearranges it all :-) x

  8. What a lovely collection you've put together. I'm loving all those brights :)

  9. It all looks very cheerful and nice bright coloured, just like your tree sounds to be!

  10. Now that is one bright and happy treasury! Our tree is always a mixture of anything and everything. A bit of a mess, but a happy mess. I tell myself that the history and tradition and memories are worth much more than a stylish, colour coordinated one. xx

  11. A real treat of a treasury. A mismatched, colourful tree always makes me happy. Tasteful co-ordination always goes out of the window the minute my children see the tree. xx

  12. lovely, I love bright and cheerful Christmas decorations too. I love those little reindeers, and thank you for including a couple of littlenestbox items too! x