Thrifted Stash

25 Feb 2012

I'm always on the look out for bits and pieces I can use on my layouts. I love finding something that can work as an embellishment on my pages, especially with vintage photos. These are a few of my recent finds...

 Bingo chips and cards

Vintage pins

Cocktail sticks... I'm thinking coloured sticks for mini flags!

Slide mounts... These make cute little frames

View Master slides

Pin badges

Cut out paper dress up dolls and clothes

I found loads of these dolls and clothes cut out from magazines or newspapers, plus a little bag of hand drawn and coloured in ones too. It must have taken someone ages all that time ago. 

Hopefully there will be some more thrifting this weekend. We have been busy with Elizabeth's friends birthday parties the last few weekends - it seems they must all be really close in age. So this weekend its nice to have no real plans, although my iPad died this week :(  so I will be taking it to the Apple Dr this morning. Just hoping it doesn't cost me a fortune to get fixed!

Hope you have a good weekend.

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