Park Life

9 Feb 2012

Hello, I have a few layouts to share today. I have been busy scrapping away in the evenings this week. Some times weeks go by and I have little inspiration to scrap and then others I cant wait to get my paper and glue out and have a play when the kids have gone to bed. Well its been one of those this week.

I think Elizabeth would like to play outside all the time if she could. On this day we went to the park and I was absolutely frozen but she just doesn't seem to mind. When I drop her off at nursery she goes straight out in to the garden and I know she will be outside when I pick her up.

The next couple are sketches fom just C&S (64 and 65). I didnt make loads of changes to the original sketches as I loved the simple designs

I loved these photos of Archie and Elizabeth painting, even though they are not the best quality. Elizabeth completed quite a few masterpieces, where as Archie had a quick go and then decided the rest of the garden needed a little colour and set about painting the bushes and plants.

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