Creative Nature...

30 Nov 2015

I thought I'd start a new series here. A place to gather together all the creative bits I've been doing with nature lately - the bits that don't quite fit into my 'Collected Treasure' posts. 

I'm really enjoying using my natural, found objects as a little canvas to create on, or to alter in some way. I've been making lots of painted pebbles, looking out for the smoothest, round ones whilst at the beach. And painting on leaves too. I've even had a go at embroidering on them, like these French knots, sewn on to Magnolia leaves gathered from my Mums garden. They're surprisingly easy to work on, and almost leather like, so they don't tear or break. I must go and collect a few more!

You can see more embroidered leaves and painted pebbles in my first 'Creative Nature' post here. x


  1. Hello!
    What paint do you use on your painted pebbles?
    And have you ever thought of selling these photos as prints? I think they'd be lovely blown up big on a wall...
    Ooh, and also, what happens to your objects when the leaves etc start to decay? Do you just throw them away, or document that phase too?
    So interesting... You clever woman!

  2. Hi, thanks for popping by. I just use acrylic paint for the pebbles. I'm hoping to get some small prints and cards done for my Etsy shop soon - just had some samples through so soon hopefully!

    I've kept some of the embroidered ones which I've photographed a bit later on, most of the bits get chucked out though really. Thanks ver much! x

    1. Lovely! Thanks for responding... I'll keep my eye on your etsy shop!