Smoke Bombs and Bumble Bees...

11 Aug 2015

Working on some little DIY's in shades of green // More stamps to go with the pretty ones sent to me from Janice in my Summertime Surprise Project // Drawing on pebbles... and paper // Playing around with coloured smoke bombs // Dissected Cornflower // Faffing with flowers // At the beach // Decorating some plates for my wall with stickers and Lazertran decals (you can find a previous DIY here!) // New wooden buttons in the shop // All the pinks!

Hello! Hope your all having a good week. I cant believe we're nearly half way through the holidays already. The time seems to be flying by - we've not yet managed to tick anything off our list of Summer plans.

I'm hoping that the Sunshine will return again soon... its all feeling a little too Autumny right now, and I'm not ready for it just yet! xx


  1. Loving your photography! How do you pull it off?! :)

    Katrina Sophia

  2. You are so arty - will you be running/can you run crafty workshops from your shop?? Hope it's going well.
    Good luck with your Summer list! We have ticked a few things off ours but we're all getting a bit tired and bored now and are looking forward to going away on Saturday, change of scene and that..
    Enjoy the rest of the summer - although I do agree it is starting to feel very autumny, not sure I like that.. xx