2 Jul 2015

- A late afternoon beach walk with chips for tea.

- Pretty evening sky. My neighbours must think I'm crazy standing on a chair with my camera,  peering over their fence at the sky.

- Roses in the garden. A big garden clear out in the Autumn and not so much re-planting means there's actually very little colour at the moment. I must try harder next year!

- At the skate park. The boy is obsessed with anything scooter or skateboard. Next is a BMX for his upcoming birthday.

- A lonely but beautiful self seeded poppy.

- Face painting at the summer fair. I always seem to come home with armfuls of stuff from these things - cakes, huge teddies and the most random toys won at the raffle.

- Making the prettiest perfume in the garden. They loved making this, carefully deciding which colour petals should get placed in the potion next. It's now 'brewing' ready to be bottled up and given as gifts.  

- At the park, collecting grass seeds with a sneaky foraged rose for her hair.


  1. I remember making perfume like that when I was little - not very successfully if I'm honest!
    Great photos. x

  2. Love the summery feel that runs through your photos, with the face painting and flower potion. We have our school fair next Friday, I'm really looking forward to it. I quite often go out onto the balcony at the front of our house to take photos of the sunset - I'm sure the curtains twitch like mad up and down our street when I do... xx

  3. looks so wonderfully summery. I'm really enjoying seeing these sorts of pictures across blogland at the moment, at last eh?

    S x

  4. Ohhh your photos!!!!! Sooooo great! Kisses!