Collected Treasures

24 Dec 2014

Our collected treasures for December... stones with stripes and holes, a heart shaped stone, driftwood, pieces of rope, berries, seed pods, a feather, random plastic things and a fish skull.

Each month I photograph the bits and bobs we've gathered on our adventures out and about, at the beach, the forest or the park! Its my way of documenting and remembering those special finds picked up by the kids or myself, before they get moved off our window sill to make room for new treasures!

As always, please feel free to join in and show your collections too. You can find them on Instagram as #collected_treasures and you can see more Inspiration on my Pinterest board! x

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  1. super! i've been so bad at capturing our treasures lately. by the time i get to it, leaves are shriveled, sticks are broken and berries are squashed. i'm focusing on making it a priority again, in in the new year.

    1. Ha, yes I know what you mean. I seem to leave it for a sunny day, so there's some light, and then our leaves are all shriveled. I'm just going with that look though! Look forward to seeing them. xx

  2. ooh, i love that fish skull! (and these posts, as always)