1 Sept 2014

▲ River walk
▲ Another lost tooth
▲ Finding sand at the beach
▲ Circus wonderland

So, its September already! Just two days left before Elizabeth goes back to school - she's been counting!

We spent the weekend both trying to squeeze in some last minute holiday fun, and getting ready for school. I still need to do labels, help finish holiday projects... and pop back to the uniform shop.

Archie has another week and a home visit before he starts - and then its half days for the first week.

I feel kind of ready for them to go back and sad at the same time. I'm ready for my house to remain tidy for longer than five minutes, not so ready for the school run, rushed mornings or the cooler weather.

I actually feel a bit apprehensive at this time of year. I'm not sure if its just the end of Summer and the kids leaving me for school, or perhaps those feelings of dread I experienced myself at the end of the holidays coming back. Luckily Elizabeth really enjoys school and has had such a positive experience so far. Hopefully it will remain that way!

Wishing you all a wonderful week and a great September! x


  1. I think its the same in our house, last day today, I can't wait to get back into some things again, but my younger son now starts secondary school and all that in tells, lots of unknowns ahead. Good luck xx

  2. Love Elizabeth's smile and top knot!
    Personally, I feel quite glad the boys are back at school! I am looking forward to having some time to myself and there's so many house and creative projects I can't wait to tackle, it is a bit hard with 2 fighting and screaming boys around!!
    Good luck, have a good week too. xx

  3. Oh Caroline, that 'cool' picture is fab! I just love it, definitely one for printing and framing. I have the same feelings as you, wanting summer to stay and the relaxed nature of it all and then also wanting to get some routine and order back. x

  4. I hope everyone has a good return to school. Your photos are lovely, you really made the most of your last weekend of summer break.

  5. I know exactly what you mean, I am anxious at this time of year as well. I do hope your little man loves school. How nice to have a week with him before it all starts. Enjoy! CJ xx

  6. Hi Caroline, I can understand how you must be feeling, I'm sure they're going to love being at school again but its never easy to see them off. I think you must be a wonderful mum to worry about them and make life so much fun for them, they are lucky to have you around :) safxxx p.s. love the pic of Elizabeth smiling :)