London Zoo

21 Aug 2014

Last week we went to London for the day, to visit London Zoo. It was the first time the kids and I had been and we had a wonderful time there. It was pretty busy, with long queues to get in, but I guess that's to be expected in the Summer holidays!

We were there for the best part of the day, yet we still didn't manage to quite fit in everything - there really is so much there to see! The kids would have loved to have stopped and played in the adventure area and playgrounds, and It would have been nice to have seen some of the animal talks - especially the penguin show! But being aware of the journey home again, and little legs getting tired, there just wasn't the time!

Elizabeth and I watched the tigers for ages, with one sleeping just the other side of the glass panels. She was fascinated by their enormous paws. The butterfly house was pretty amazing too, it was far too hot for the kids, though I could have spent ages in there taking photo's of them all!


  1. I love your butterfly photos, they're fantastic. And leafcutter ants are some of my favourites, I always like to watch them. I hope you guys all have a good weekend. CJ xx

  2. These are very beautiful pictures! I love going to the Zoo even if your legs do get sore. It's just an atmosphere that you would never be able to get elsewhere- well, maybe the wild haha!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  3. Such a lovely place to visit in the summer, especially love the tiger snoozing pic! Can see why Elizabeth loved them, giant pussy cats really! You'll have to go again, perfect excuse if you didn't fit in all into one day :) the butterfly photos you've taken are really gorgeous, so beautiful, safxxx

  4. It looks brilliant, I'd love to go. Your butterfly photos are fantastic!

    Your pressed flower shots in the first post are also stunning - such a good way to preserve your collections. x