12 Jul 2014

Our collected treasures from the last month... shells and sea glass from the Isle of Wight, a stripy feather, a ♥ shaped stone, beach pottery and brick, a fir cone and some Eucalyptus leaves (plenty of those in the garden right now!)

Each month I'm photographing our collections of bits and bobs we've picked up when out and about, a way to remember and record all those little treasures we find.

You can see my previous posts here and my collections Pinterest board here! x


  1. I like the idea - and those scallop shells look like they'd be good for making pencil or wax rubbings from.
    Sarah x

  2. love the sea glass! i haven't been to any beaches in the longest time. i used to live 5 minutes walk from the sea and though it wasn't the nicest area was still the sea and i went almost every day! this photo has inspired me to find some i can get to easily (too poor to travel far) and take photos :) (and collect some bits obviously)

  3. Love to collect things on the beach, then scatter them round my pockets, bags and house to be found months later! Laying them out and documenting them is a much better idea though!

  4. Oh you do it all so beautifully. The collecting and the photographing. You're in a league of your own, you always take my breath away with your pictures. Lovely. CJ xx