color // colour lovers

23 Jun 2014

Some yellow from my week. I'm joining in with Andrea and Xanthe and their color//colour lovers project - seven weeks of seeking and capturing colour! This week is pink!

Wishing you all a wonderful week. x


  1. oh just beautiful! I have had a woeful start to this project.. but you have encouraged me to get my camera out and forget about instagramming! x

  2. Love your collection it's such a great idea can't wait till next week

  3. I love the yellow photos as much as I loved the reds. The lemons and melon are so striking.

  4. your yellow pics are lovely, especially the flowers and beach huts :) xxx

  5. Hi Caroline, I do love a spot of yellow - we have buttercup meadows all around us at the moment. They are truly stunning to see when your eye has seen nothing but a mass of murky water for the past fifteen years.

    Nina x

    ps. I love your collections button - could I put one on the blog? We are always finding bits of treasure, I'm just useless as collating them.

    1. Hi Nina, oh that sounds just beautiful, I love yellow too - especially this time of year! Yes of course that would be lovely - I do hope it works ok. I bet you find wonderful treasures on your adventures out and about. xx

  6. love these! (though, i always love your photos to be honest)

  7. Hi Caroline. I was wondering if I could send you an email. I can't seem to access your email address. Could you email me to so I can get in touch! Sorry for being a painnin the proverbial. Thanks muchly, Bee xx