Goodbye April...hello May!

1 May 2014

The last month from my Instagram - another month that's just whooshed by!

There has been: yellow cakes, beach treasures, playing with sweeties, Spring blossom, pottery painting, finishing my embroidered notebook from curious doodles, days spent at the beach and at the woods, Instagram badges, new crayons, dried flowers, playing at the park, colourful blooms and finally Ice skating last weekend - so much fun, though there were definitely no little twirly patterns in the ice made by me!


  1. Hey Caroline,

    I adore your collages. The sweeties remind me of a summer job I had when I was a student. I used to sell them from a mobile sweetie van at all the festivals and big summer shows. It wasn't glamorous at all (chocolate raisins for breakfast anyone), but I did get to serve Fergie at Badminton. She bought a lot of fudge!
    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.
    Leanne xx

  2. You always take such gorgeous photo's, I just want to keep looking at them. x

  3. Fabulous Caroline...wish I could do this with a camera! :) x

  4. Beautiful images, the colors are fantastic.

  5. Oh. Utter joy! Thankyou so much

  6. The yellow cake, pretty food, beautiful notebook! So gorgeous, thank you for sharing them with us :) safxxx