26 Jul 2013

After what seemed like the longest term ever, our school holidays are finally here! It actually feels like summer now I know Elizabeth has no school for six weeks. I'm really looking forward to spending some time with the three of us all together. We have made a little list of some things we might like to do in the holidays - they're nothing too definite but its nice to have a few ideas!

▲ Keep a summer journal/scrapbook
▲ And a treasure box (for bits that cant stick in the scrapbook)
▲ Have a princess tea party
▲ Go for evening beach walks
▲ Potato and vegetable printing
▲ Make Fimo beads
▲ Go to Peppa Pig world
▲ Picnics in the park
▲ Go for walks with our sketchbooks
▲ Do giant footprint paintings in the garden
▲ Go strawberry picking
▲ Decorate fairy cakes
▲ Make simple friendship bracelets
▲ Have a pirate treasure hunt
▲ Visit family and friends

I have tons of crafty things I'd like to do with Elizabeth, she's so creative so it will nice to have more time to do lots of making and drawing together. Though the first thing she said when we were making our list was to have her toenails painted pink - she's been waiting weeks to have that done for the holidays!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Sounds lovely Caroline! Wish I had a girl so I can have a princess tea party too ;-)! Make sure you post photos of Elizabeth's journal, I would love to see it! We'll be making one here too!

  2. That's such a nice list! I like reading peoples' summer list, it's always inspiring. I don't let Bella have her nails painted during term time but as soon as it's the holidays she's rummaging through my nail varnish collection... x