16 Jun 2013

▲ Sports day in the garden
▲ Looking for ducks at the park
▲ Trying to get close to Mr Squirrel
▲ At the playground
▲ Archie listening for the train
▲ Rolling down hills
▲ Pretty wild flowers
▲ Our feather collection
▲ Elizabeth's and Archie's garden perfume
▲ Decanted into pots ready to sell on their perfume stall
▲ Roses in the garden
▲ On my kitchen windowsill


  1. Love the flower perfume ... I remember making it with my cousins using my grandmothers roses ... we thought it was the best thing ... wishing you a lovely week ... Bee xx

  2. Petal perfume was the BEST!! So much fun! Xx

  3. I remember trying to sell petal perfume too!
    Great sports day
    And what a pretty train track

  4. I think when your young everyone needs a feather collection. Also I still have a small sealed glass jar with some petal perfume inside. My son made it over 10 years ago. It's sealed very tightly and has never gone mouldy. Probably doesn't smell to good but you can' have everything.

  5. Could look at your pictures all day lovely xxx

  6. Such a lovely weekend by the looks of things :) I love the pic of your son trying to get close to Mr Squirrel, very cute! And such lovely pics of all those flowers, love the daisys :) Safxxx

  7. Gorgeous pics as ever. And the daisies are lovely - we have them on the verges here. Transforms the drive home from town!

  8. Such lovely photos, and you had sun too by the look of it! Love the garden perfume - I used to do that when I was little. That last photo is really gorgeous. x

  9. Love the sports day! All classic games too!

  10. Gorgeous photos of your weekend! Love the Weekend Sports Day.

  11. I used to love making garden perfume when I was little - though I'm not too sure my mum did. I would always pull apart her roses!

    Nina x

  12. ok you make me want to plant roses! divine! i love your photographs of feathers, can we have more please xxxx

  13. such lovely photos... love the ones of Archie especially, your children are adorable! x

  14. gosh life keeps hurtling along with little ones doesn't it! lovely pictures and your mood boards are gorgeous! hope you are okay, Heather x