Happy Easter!

8 Apr 2012

We went to a nearby farm yesterday and were able to have a hold of the little ducklings and lambs - so cute! Although Elizabeth was not keen to get too close to either!

The egg hunt we had planned to do in the garden today ended up being an indoor one due to the rainy weather. We did it at my mums so she could hide them all before the kids came over. I think we may have missed a couple somewhere, but I'm sure they will find them next time we are there. Elizabeth still looks in the garden now in the hope of finding some missed eggs from last year.

Hope your having a great Easter x


  1. Happy Easter Caroline, a trip to the farm, what a lovely way to celebrate Easter! And Archie's new doo is very cute, those curls!!
    Jo :)

  2. Happy Easter Caroline! Sounds like a lovely day :)

  3. Thanks Jo, It was a really sweet little place and felt like a nice Eastery thing to do. Didnt cut too much so he still has curls - thought he might loose them all like Elizabeth did after her first cut! Hope your having fab Easter x

  4. Thanks Sabrina, Happy Easter to you x